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Thank You LENS

The New York Time’s blog LENS has long been a favorite resource for inspiration and community amongst photographers both amateur and professional alike. Several weeks ago the brilliant folks behind the LENS called for entries for their ‘Moment In Time’ project where one May 2nd, at a 15:00 U.T.C., anyone around the world with a camera was to take photo and submit it to the their site. LENS would then collect all the submissions to create an on-line interactive mosaic of life around the world existing in one single moment.

What really makes the experience a treat is the Google Earth like interface navigating your through a world of snap shots. If you have yet to do so, please take a moment or two to peruse the mosaic and lives of others around the world. I am glad I participated because shooting for other people durning the week can at times be daunting,  and by the EOD Friday lead to a burn-out feeling preventing me from shooting for fun on the weekend. Walking with my camera can actually alleviate the burn-out feeling I get at the end of the week, and reminds me of why I got started in this business to begin with.

Pictured above is my entry. THIS LINK will take you the ‘Moment In Time’ globe.

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